Strategic Communications and Event Planning

Strategic Communications

I’ve recently been responsible for developing personalized communication strategies for individuals seeking to hone their CVs and job applications, using sound research policies and ethical best practices on a pro-bono basis as part of my dedication to community outreach and support. To get your free mini consultation, just send me an email to outlining your needs, your goals, and I will produce a quote. Most individuals qualify for free work, while business and corporate rates vary depending on the job and the size of your business.

I also offer detailed strategic communication and content management consulting to not-for-profits, small businesses and individuals looking to capitalize on their hidden strengths. I work with clients to streamline and refine their overall message and branding, tailoring specific solutions to specific goals through research, effective question and answer sessions, and strategic technical partnerships.

Event Planning

My philosophy is simple – to develop a long term growth trajectory for your event through careful planning, realistic and researched budgets that come in on target, and by creating innovative partnerships with stakeholders new and old.

By researching the history of an event, or events like the one you’re planning, I can come up with a solution and planning package that is personalized for your team, your partners, and your goals, based on realistic outcomes and with risk-management procedures in mind. With over 20 years’ special event experience, I have a broad base of consultants, talent, and research to draw upon. Contact me at for a quote on your current project.

Current and Past Events

I proudly served as logistics co-chair for the Intersections|Cross-Sections 2015 Graduate Student Conference. With over 200 attendees, the ISCS is one of the largest conferences in its class in Canada.

I also was the senior project coordinator of SNAP! 2011 and 2012 for the AIDS Committee of Toronto. SNAP! Is Canada’s largest charity art auction dedicated entirely to the photographic arts, and has raised over 1.5 million dollars towards the fight against HIV/AIDS in its history.

While at ACT, I was also the senior project coordinator for the Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life Toronto 2011 and part of 2012. During this period, we were successful in increasing fundraising over previous years, and growing the event to include entertainment, food, and a community fair. The AIDS Walk has raised millions in its long and storied history, and is the cornerstone of all such walks nationwide.


“I have worked with James periodically over the course of six years. He has helped to review, edit, and provide feedback for multiple papers, applications to both masters and doctoral programs, and my CV. Always consistent in his professionalism, he offers a unique combination of guidance and expertise. He is both supportive and encouraging while pushing you to exceed even your own highest expectations.

He is an excellent teacher and I can definitely say I have learned so much from writing drafts back and forth with him; gaining tools that I can use on my own in my professional and academic career. I have recommended him to many friends and colleagues and will continue to do so. I feel very fortunate to have him as a resource”.

Hanna Kim, MSW, RSW

“They say that ones future is shaped by the people you surround yourself with and the kind of networks you keep. I was introduced to James by a colleague at a time when I was preparing to join graduate. I needed support and guidance and I was indeed privileged to know James. I was overwhelmed by his readiness to support me and walk me through the process, before I even met him in person.

James is a transformative leader, Mentor, Coach, team leader and a great professional. He is very creative, innovate, and has a critical mind. He is the kind of asset you will need to drive a productive team. In addition, he has remarkable skills in research and proposal writing, and editorials. James is an asset to any individual or institution in search of an innovator and a performer”.

Judith (Apondi) Odihambo, PhD Candidate, CIHR Scholar

I became acquainted with James when I served as treasurer of the Fondation Le Grand Circuit, a Montreal-based volunteer-run charity that raised funds for organizations engaged in research, treatment and support for people with HIV/AIDS in Canada and Africa. In his work with us, James demonstrated creativity and organizational skills. He played a key role on the LGC team in the planning and execution of our innovative fundraising strategy, which focused on the use of direct marketing techniques and community involvement to maximize returns from a relatively small number of participants. He would be an asset to any organization that could use his talents.
Itsl Bernstein, Bernstein Delambre
James is a trailblazer and an innovator. I was privileged to inherit Stereo, one of the great institution in nightlife entertainment from his team. It takes passion to create a legend, and the hard work and perserverance of this initial group of investors and managers laid the groundwork for the success Stereo is today, almost 14 years later. I highly recommend James to anyone seeking an event planner with vision and heart.
Scott Lancaster, EVP Cann Impex International